Parent’s views of the academy are incredibly important to us.

Thank you to all of the parents/carers who joined us for parents evening we had a fantastic 88% of parents who turned up to an appointment.  It is always such a lovely opportunity to be able to talk about your children, celebrate what they do and discuss how we can take them even further!   

The feedback from parents evening was incredibly positive and gives the entire staff a sense of pride. 

Parent Voice Results

 % who ‘Agree or Strongly Agree’% who strongly Argee/Agree, or Do no know  
  Autumn responses Judgement
1My child likes school99%100%Outstanding
2My child is making good progress100%100%Outstanding
3Children are generally well behaved100%100%Outstanding
4My child gets on well with most other children in the school99%99%Outstanding
5I am kept well informed about how my child is getting on99%100%Outstanding
6Teaching is good at the school100%100%Outstanding
7I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions or a problem or complaint100%100%Outstanding
8Staff Expect my child to work hard and do his or her best100%100%Outstanding
9The school is led and managed well100%100%Outstanding
10Staff treat my child fairly100%100%Outstanding
11The school seeks the views of parents and takes account of their suggestions 99% 100%Outstanding
12Staff explain how I can help my child at home100%100%Outstanding
13The school provides appropriate homework98.4%100%Outstanding
14 Staff encourage my child to become mature and independent100%  100%Outstanding
15There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable100%  99%Outstanding
16The arrangements for my son or daughter to settle in when he or she started the school were good100%100%Outstanding

We based our judgements on: 

InadequateNeither positive/negativeGoodOutstanding
  • Parental Comments:
  • XX is doing really well
  • I have no faults with the school
  • Very happy with school welcome back Mr Phillips
  • Good school
  • Obviously Mrs Hamby is the best admin
  • Teachers are amazing, always feel comfortable approaching teachers. XX teachers are fantastic support to XX and offer the best encouragement
  • Very pleased with how XX is progressing
  • Really happy with the progress that he is making, great school great teachers
  • I have no complaints at all. XX loves coming to school even when he is not feeling very well he still wants to come.
  • Fantastic school, my daughter is excelling here
  • XX is making great progress, really happy with his improvement
  • Happy with XX progress in school, teachers always helpful and informative.
  • I think they need more homework
  • Very happy with XX doing well at school no faults with teachers
  • Really impressed with how he’s getting on and the support received to settle him in.
  • I am happy with xxx progress since starting FS2. She seems to be thriving and thoroughly enjoying learning
  • Very happy with school and teacher, kids feel well and happy
  • XX loves school and Miss Kirby and Miss Heslop and she has come on leaps and bounds we are very happy.
  • XX comes home every day and explains to me how much he is enjoying his new school
  • XX has settled in well and loves coming to school
  • I am very happy with the progress my son is making. Well done to the teachers, great work !!! much appreciated
  • Very happy
  • XX enjoys coming to this school
  • Great school x
  • XX is very happy feel good at school. Great teachers. Happy with school and all staff thank you

We are incredibly pleased with these results.  We are all working extremely hard to make this an outstanding academy for your children.