Student Leadership

At Craven Primary Academy, our pupils play a highly important role in the running of our academy. There are many roles and responsibilities that are undertaken by our pupils that are key to the day to day running of the academy, as well as decisions that are made by them in partnership with the teachers, SLT and AAB.

Here you can find out about all of the roles and responsibilities around the academy and who hold these roles this academic year.

Pupil Parliament

Our School Council is based on a whole school approach. It is a partnership between Class Ministers, Pupil Parliament, teachers, SLT and the AAB. We work together to make our school a safe and happy place where we can all achieve our best.

Every class has a meeting where children share their ideas and suggestions. The two class elected representatives bring the important issues to Pupil Parliament meetings, which are held regularly. Suggestions are put forward to the SLT and the AAB.

What are the qualities of a Class Minister?

  • a good listener
  • committed
  • trustworthy
  • helpful
  • honest
  • reliable
  • able to work as part of a team
Pupil Parliament 2023-24
Year 1Year 2
Year 3Year 4
Year 5Year 6
Responsibilities around the academy

As the children develop more skills, we encourage them to take on roles within the academy which give them an increased level of responsibility and helps to benefit other children within the academy.

We are always looking at opportunities for the children to lead within the academy; however, here is an overview of the roles that children currently have.

Class MinistersTo bring the views of the class to the Pupil Parliament meeting where decisions about the future of the academy will be made.
Fruit Shop WorkersResponsible for the stocking, selling, and accounting of the fruit shop on a play time.
PeacemakersTo support the pupils in finding restorative solutions to their problems on the playground.
EYFS Play LeadersSupporting the younger children in the EYFS on a lunchtime and helping them develop.
Swap Shop LeadersIn charge of collecting and managing pupil reward points. Responsible for the stocking and selling of pupil rewards.
Lunchtime AssistantsSupporting lunchtime supervisors in the hall, cleaning tables, helping younger children, pouring drinks for others.
Door HolderResponsible for holding internal doors around the academy for assemblies.
TechniciansResponsible for sorting ICT issues around the academy.
Responsible for ensuring that ICT equipment is properly stored and maintained.
Ensuring that ICT is ready for assemblies and other events.
PE MonitorsResponsible for ensuring the PE and playground equipment is properly stored and maintained.

Student Leaders 2023-2024

Door HoldersPeacekeepers
Office AssistantsSwap Shop Assistants
EYFS AssistantsLunchtime Assistants
Tech AssistantsPE Monitors
Fruit Shop Assistants