Welcome to Craven Primary Academy

We an average size primary academy, situated off Newbridge Road, Hull. We have just over 200 pupils in our academy. In September, 2016, Ofsted graded the academy as Outstanding, something we are incredibly proud of.

Our role within the Community

We believe everyone linked with the academy should feel valued and welcome. All people whatever their strengths or weaknesses, or those of their families, should be equally treated and understand that the academy will always listen and be a hub of support to them.

We recognise the important role the academy plays within shaping the present and the future of the community and work closely many different people within the community to strive to improve it. We want each visitor to the school to leave feeling they have been listened to, and dealt with, fairly and politely at all times, even if the issues are uncomfortable.

Inside the academy

Within the academy, firstly we strive to ensure that children are happy in their learning environment that is safe, caring and secure. We ensure that keeping our children safe is the priority for staff, parents and families and the children themselves. The academy puts a strong focus on giving children the knowledge and skills to be able to keep themselves safe.

Our children experience a well thought out curriculum that helps them to make sense of and use what they have learnt previously. We have a strong belief that our curriculum helps our children to be prepared for the demands on the modern world, both in their local community and the wider community.

We want to make our children’s time at Craven as exciting and as memorable as possible for them. Opportunities for ‘first-hand’ experience’ should be given whenever possible and the curriculum ‘enriched’ to enhance learning where appropriate. A range of high quality resources will be provided for them to both stimulate thought and help encourage enquiring minds.

Every child, no matter their personal context, has the ability to succeed, and it is our duty to make sure that we unlock this potential. Ensuring that all children equally access the curriculum and the other opportunities that the academy offers is essential.

Our staff

All staff involved in the life of the academy are valued and encouraged to learn new skills taking up professional development opportunities throughout their careers. It is through having talented and dedicated adults in our academy that outstanding teaching takes place. Pupils grow to understand the importance of ‘lifelong learning.’ We all endeavour to maintain and improve our, already high, standards of behaviour and work throughout the academy. We value the partnership and support of a committed group of governors who are trained and informed, knowledgeable of the academy and who are clear about their roles and responsibilities.

Our Pupils

We believe that school should be a place where children thrive, share our high expectations and be the best that they can be. Children have only one opportunity at primary education and it is up to each and every one of us to strive to make this a happy, positive and worthwhile experience for all of them.

All pupils must understand, and be taught the importance of tolerance towards other people and in particular towards those people from different cultures and countries. Pupils must be taught to value the fact that we are all individuals and have different interests and abilities.

Pupils have a good attendance record arriving at the academy, on time, and being ready to learn. This is celebrated and rewarded throughout the academy.