Our Ethos

Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

At Craven, we recognise the important role and responsibility we have in supporting, challenging and nurturing children in a way that gives them the foundations to build on so that they are able to achieve whatever they want from life.

We want children who:

  • Have respect themselves, other individuals and other groups.
  • Are motivated to take responsibility for shaping their own future.
  • Have started to develop transferable skills that will help them in further education and employment.
  • Understand their place within a global community, understand issues related to creating a sustainable planet and are motivated to serve this cause.
  • Have the confidence and skills to be able to speak or present to a variety of different audiences for a variety of different purposes.
  • Have left our academy with a variety memorable experiences that creates a positive view of their time in education.
  • Have high expectations of themselves and for what they can be in the future.
  • Know the educational pathways that are available to them, and necessary for different types of jobs.
  • Had the opportunity meet a wide variety of positive role models who can inspire them to gain employment.
  • Have a sense of pride in their community and develop a sense of service to improving the local community.
  • Have the necessary basic skills in literacy and numeracy that allow them to follow their own personal ambitions.

 We seek to create a challenging learning environment that sets high expectations, but also includes the unique learning needs of every child.   Through teaching our children to ask questions, make thoughtful decisions and solve problems, we aim to make our children to become life-long learners and develop skills that prepare them for the demands of the modern world, they will soon be changing for themselves.  

We believe that as an academy we have responsibility to develop our pupils into young citizens who will make a difference to the local communities that they will serve.