Year 6

The class teacher are Mrs Welbourne and Mrs O'Loughlin













Our Topic this term is: Ancient Greece.


PE day: Monday and Year 6 take part in NAPA on a Thursday


Spelling tests are on: Monday


Home work will be given out every day and is expected to be in the following day, unless the children are told otherwise.


We would like you to know: Mr Phillips will also be working with us.


SATs will take place week beginning 14th May






A fantastic week in Year 6 this week.  In Maths we've been applying our written methods of the four operations to problem solving.  In our writing we have looked at techniques for making our writing "flow" better using cohesive devices.  In reading we have explored some challenging texts about Guy Fawkes and the religious divide between Catholics and Protestants in 17th Century Britain.  As part of our Rainforests Topic, we've composed music to recreate rainstorms.  Our NAPA performance is coming along nicely and we look forward to showing you this next week.  We also took part in our Autumn Spelling Bee on Thursday.  Well done to Bradley who was the Y6 winner!



Another super week in Year 6 this week.  We've started looking at formal written methods of multiplication in Maths and in our afternoon arithmetic sessions we've looked at calculating percentages.  In Literacy we have been looking at figurative language and descriptive sentence structures.  We are now well into our novel study of Black Powder and have enjoyed exploring the characters so far.  We've done some art work and music based on The Great Kapok Tree and in science we have started to plan an investigation into pulse rate and exercise.  Have a great weekend.




Another busy week in Year 6 this week!  We have been looking at formal written methods of addition and subtraction in maths and have applied this to solving word problems relating to money.  In reading, we have started our novel study "Black Powder" and the children are enthusiastic about this, with lots of theories as to how the plot will develop!  In writing we have looked at how to use description in our narrative pieces. We have continued with our Rainforests topic and the children have been looking at the different layers of a rainforest and researching the animals that live there. 



A busy week in Year 6! We've worked with negative numbers in maths, solving problems involving temperatures and bank balances. In our reading lessons, we have been exploring the differences in beliefs between catholics and protestants in preparation for starting our novel study on "Black Powder" next week.  In literacy, we have looked at how to use fronted adverbials and modifiers to enhance our writing.  We started our Rainforest topic too this week and have looked at the location and climate of the world's tropical rainforests.  Have a lovely weekend!





An absolutely fantastic final full week in year 6.  Our production was absolutely fantastic and the children were super stars, well done to all of them!  We had our end of year party on Wednesday, where we enjoyed pizzas, games and music.  On Thursday we had a blast on the inflatable obstacle course and then had fun at the summer fair.  All of the children should feel incredibly proud of their SAT results too.  Well done Year 6 and have a lovely transition week next week.





A fun filled week in Year 6!  We had PSHE day, where we learned about how to cope with the changes we will face as we move up to high school.  We also learnt about peer pressure and some strategies for dealing with it.  We explored how images in social media can distort our perceptions of beauty and the impact this can have on our self esteem.  Our production rehearsals are going well and we can't wait to perform to you next week.  Some of us went to Delta Games on Thursday to compete in a range of athletic events.  Of course, the real highlight was our Alton towers trip, which has been long awaited and well deserved!  There'll be some tired Year 6s this weekend - have a good one!





[img-righht] A really busy week in year 6.  Our rehearsals for the end of year production have continued this week and the children are now at the point where they have learnt most of their lines and are working on delivering them confidently and loudly!  On Wednesday, we enjoyed a day out to Hull City Hall for Singing Day 2018 and the children showed some fantastic singing.  Have a lovely weekend!





What a super week in Year 6!  Our Shrek rehearsals are in full swing and we honestly cannot wait to show you it!  We have some amazing singing and acting and the children are working hard to learn their lines.  Sports day was a highlight and again some fantastic talent out there!  Have a lovely weekend Year 6.




Rehearsals are in full swing this week for our ‘Shrek’ production and we are having lots of fun! On Wednesday some of us enjoyed taking part in the athletics events at Costello.  We have also been reflecting on our year, ahead of writing our report comments.  Have a great weekend Year 6!





What a busy week in Year 6! We have finally finished putting together our writing portfolios and we are extremely proud of the work we have done.  Year 6 could not have worked any harder! Have a well deserved weekend!





Another busy week in Year 6, as now that the SATs are over, we have moved onto perfecting our writing! We are working hard to get together a portfolio of some of our best writing and this week we have enjoyed writing narratives based on "The Piano". The children have worked really hard on this and have written some beautiful pieces that they should feel very proud of.  Enjoy your weekend everybody. 





What a brilliant week! We are so very proud of Year 6 this week.  The determination, effort and mature attitude they have shown in SATs has been absolutely fantastic.  We couldn't have asked for more from them, they all gave their absolute best.  We enjoyed some fun sports in the sun on Thursday afternoon and then finished the week with some amazing writing and joined in with the Royal wedding celebrations.  Well done Year 6... You did it!





A super busy week in Year 6 this week in the lead up to next week's SATs.  The children have worked so hard and continue to exceed their scores in previous tests.  They have shown maturity, determination and have put in so much hard work. They should be really proud of themselves.  We are ready for it! All that's left to do now is have a lovely relaxing weekend.  You deserve it Year 6. 





Another busy week in Year 6.  We've done lots of shape work this week, including drawing 3D shapes and calculating perimeter, area and volume.  In Literacy, we have looked at how to write persuasively and we have enjoyed writing persuasive letters about issues we feel strongly about.  Next week is the final week before SATs; it will be a busy one, so enjoy a rest this weekend Year 6s!



A busy week in Year 6 this week.  We've done lots of arithmetic practice and our scores are going up, up, up!  We have been focusing on vocabulary reading questions in Literacy and have some excellent techniques for clarifying the meaning of unfamiliar words.  Towards the end of the week we wrote information texts on how to look after an imaginary pet.  The children really enjoyed letting their imaginations run wild and have produced some work to be extremely proud of.  Well done Year 6, have a lovely weekend.





Year 6 have worked so hard this week! We had some very tired children at the beginning of the week because of Robinwood, but they didn't let that get in the way! We've worked on some practice papers this week and our scores are soaring.  There is a lovely buzz in Year 6 at the moment with children really supporting each other in the lead up to SATs.  Enjoy the sunshine this weekend Y6, you deserve it. 





A busy first week back in Year 6.  We have started looking at measures in Maths, including converting between metric units and reading scales.  In reading we have been looking at a range of non-fiction and narrative extracts and familiarising ourselves with different questions and techniques for answering them.  Spelling Bee on Thursday was a highlight - well done to our winner Louie!  The end of the week saw some of us head off to Robinwood.  See you when we return, have a fantastic weekend.





A really busy final week of term in Year 6.  We have had a go at some practice SAT papers this week in reading, mathematics and spelling, punctuation and grammar.  We approached these with a mature attitude and lots of us made some amazing progress compared with the last papers we did.  Our Easter Bonnet Parade was a highlight of the week and what a super effort children made with making their Easter gardens and hats.  Rock Challenge rehearsals have been in full swing this week too.  Wishing all of the Year 6 children taking part lots of luck in the performance tonight.  Have a well deserved Easter break Year 6 and be rested and ready next term!





A great week in Year 6 this week.  We have been looking at how to interpret temperature graphs and how to construct line graphs from a set of data.  We have also continued with our algebra work, looking at how to find any number in a sequence.  Our reading skills continue to improve and we had more regular readers this week, keep it up! We have started to write non chronological reports in literacy.  A highlight this week was our Parent Partnership afternoon where we had a grammar murder mystery to solve.  Well done on another fantastic week Y6.





A fantastic week in Year 6. In Maths we have continued with our shape work, including investigating nets of 3D shapes.  In Literacy we have edited our writing to improve it. As part of World Book Day we read extracts from Mary Poppins as well as some non fiction about chimney sweeps! The children looked fantastic in their outfits. We also managed to squeeze in some fun in the snow. What a busy week!





A great first week back after half term.  In Maths we have started looking at 3D shapes and calculating volumes.  In reading we have looked at poetry and strategies we can use to answer SATs style questions around this type of text.  We have looked at sentence structures and some more advanced punctuation such as semi-colons.  Boosters are going well and the children are continuing to show a fantastic attitude in these sessions.  Keep up the hard work Year 6, well done!





Another fantastic week in Year 6.  In maths, we have started to work with algebra and we can solve simple equations involving one or two unknowns.  In literacy we have been looking closely at sentence structures and what makes a simple, compound and complex sentence.  We've also looked at trickier parts of sentence structures, including how to spot when a word is acting as a subordinating conjunction or a preposition.  Ask your child to explain this to you!  We have looked at some specific reading test questions and how best to answer them.  A highlight of the week was our Valentine Disco!  A brilliant half term in Year 6, with everything going up a gear in terms of the pace of lessons and the extra work the children are putting into boosters.  Well done Year 6-  enjoy a thoroughly deserved half term break.





A super busy week in Year 6.  We have done lots of practice SAT papers this week and the children have approached these with maturity and they have tried really hard to apply all of their skills and knowledge.  We have also been working on fine tuning some of our reading skills, including skimming and scanning, looking at author's use of language and exploring poetry.  In maths, we have looked at problems involving ratio and proportion and we have been practising using a protractor to measure angles.  Some of our Year 6’s took part in athletics on Tuesday and we came first!  This was definitely a highlight this week.  Well done also to Honey, who was our Spelling Bee champion!





As always another busy week in Year 6.  We have been sharpening our grammar skills, looking at commands, statements, questions and exclamations.  We learned a song about this and wrote our own verses - ask your child to sing it to you!  We are still engrossed in our guided reading novel ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ and have looked at retelling events in the story from the perspective of different characters.  In Maths, we have been looking at angle facts and how we can use these to calculate missing angles in diagrams.  We are still doing our weekly arithmetic tests, special mention to Charlie G, Charlie L, Artur and Ben who got full marks this week.  We hope more children can be in the full marks gang next week, but well done to all of the children who got personal bests this week.





A super busy week in Year 6 as we started our booster sessions.  So far they are going fantastically and we are really proud of how hard the children are working. We had a day out on Thursday to the hospital where we learned how to stay safe and what to do in a variety of situations, including how to resuscitate someone!  The children were incredibly mature and gained a lot of important knowledge from the trip. Have a great weekend Year 6, you deserve it!





A great start to the new term in Year 6.  We are now working extra hard in the lead up to SATs and the children have adapted brilliantly to the change in pace this term.  In Maths we have started looking at 2D shapes, classifying them according to their properties and learning lots of new vocabulary such as parallel, perpendicular, vertices, adjacent.  Ask your child to explain what these words mean!  In Guided Reading we have continued with our work on the Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.  The children are really enjoying the story as it develops and more themes are explored.  We have also started to read Skellig which is a fantastic read so far! We are looking forward to starting Boosters next week - don't forget they take place after school Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 4.15 PM.





A fantastic week in Year 6 this week.  We have been working hard in Maths on fractions, decimals and percentages.  We are still enjoying our class novel, "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas" and have done some great character analysis as part of our guided reading work.  On Tuesday we headed out in the snow for some festive carol singing at Asda, spreading Christmas cheer to customers! We finished the week with a delicious Christmas dinner!





Year 6 have had an amazing week.  In literacy, we have started a unit on biographies.  In maths, we have continued with our work on fractions, decimals and percentages.  We had an R.E. day this week, in which we looked at different versions of the Nativity story, advent and the origins of traditional Christmas customs.  Many of us enjoyed our Festival of Carols service on Wednesday.  We have also been busy making marshmallow snowmen for the Christmas Fair.  Hope you enjoy eating them!






A fantastic week in Year 6 this week!  We have had another practice at some SATs style papers and we have shown such fantastic attitudes to these as well as improving our scores massively.  We are very proud of ourselves!  In an afternoon we have been looking at how to stay safe online as part of our e-safety week.  We have continued with our class novel "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas" and have been doing some background research into the holocaust.  This has been extremely interesting and the children have shown sensitivity and a very mature attitude.  We are also enjoying reading "Wonder" in an afternoon and have had some fantastic discussions around this, with lots of amazing "book talk".






Another busy week in Year 6!  We have moved into fractions in Maths and so far we have looked at how to use bar modelling to solve problems involving fractions.  Our weekly arithmetic test scores were the best yet this week! Keep it up!  In Literacy we have written our own warning tales.  We are still hooked on our novel "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas" and have looked at how to we can use textual evidence to support our answers to questions on the book.  We have explored the Olympic games in our topic work.  The Parent Partnership Challenge was definitely a highlight of the week! 





In Year 6 this week, we have secured our understanding of written methods of division and have applied our skills to problem solving.  We did a full SATs style arithmetic paper at the start of the week and we are much more confident with the questions now.  The hard work is paying off!  We have looked at how to punctuate speech correctly in literacy and we have also looked at extending our sentences.  We are enjoying reading "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" in guided reading sessions and "Wonder" which is our class novel for afternoon sessions.  It has been lovely to see the children so passionate about the class novel and we have had lots of lovely "book talk" in an afternoon!  It's been anti-bullying week this week and we have talked about how we are "All Different, All Unique".  We have also looked at how we can "reframe" negative thoughts and comments to help us build positive self-images.  A really fantastic week.  Have a super weekend.





Another busy week in Year 6 and a great start to the new half term.  In Maths we have been looking at formal written methods of division and using this to solve problems.  In Literacy we have been writing warning stories.  We have continued to work through our guided reading book "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" and the children are really enjoying the story so far.  We are having a huge focus on bar models this month as part of "Barvember" and the children are becoming more confident with this technique as a strategy for solving Maths problems.  As part of our afternoon work, we have been thinking about Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppies that people wear at this time of year.  We also enjoyed a trip out to the cinema which was a well deserved treat for the hardworking Year 6s.






What a busy end to the half term in Year 6!  On Tuesday we had some visitors from KCOM and Engaging Education and we spent the day learning all sorts about communications.  In Maths we have used our multiplication methods to solve problems.  In Literacy we have enjoyed writing balanced arguments about whether children under 12 should have a mobile phone and what a fantastic debate we had!  Our NAPA performance was absolutely outstanding and we are proud to say we made a few parents (and teachers) cry with our amazing voices!  We ended the week with a PSHE day where we looked at challenging stereotypes and how to handle fall-outs with friends in a mature and sensible way.  Thank you for a fantastic half term Year 6!  Have a super week off.





It's been another busy week in Year 6. In Literacy, we have taken part in a class debate about school uniform and have produced some excellent discussion texts on this.  In Maths, we have looked at formal written methods of multiplication and we have continued with our afternoon Maths sessions on fractions.  As part of our topic work we have looked at mythical beasts from Ancient Greece and we have created some of our own strange creatures!  We have also looked at what artefacts can tell us about important people during ancient Greek times.  We have continued with our weekly rugby and NAPA sessions and we are making great progress in both of these, as well as having lots of fun!








It's been a busy but fun week in Year 6.  In Literacy, we have further developed our persuasive writing skills by taking on the role of Goldilocks' defence lawyer!  In Maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.  As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we have been learning about Greek mythology.  We have read "Theseus and the Minotaur" and we have been considering what evidence we would need to prove or disprove the parts of this story.  We have looked at artefacts from the Knossos museum in Crete to see what we can find out about King Minos.  It’s not long now before we get to show you our fantastic NAPA performance!





Year 6 have had a very busy week this week as we have had a go at some SATs style papers.  The children have approached these in a mature way and have begun to apply some of the techniques and strategies that they have picked up over the last few weeks.  In Science we have been looking further into the circulatory system and we have learned what our blood is made of.  The children had fun finding out how scabs are formed!  In topic we have looked at ancient Greek pottery and we have designed our vases using images of gods and goddesses and traditional Greek patterns.  Our NAPA performance is coming along brilliantly.  It's going to be an amazing performance and we cannot wait for you to see it!





In Year 6 this week, we have been applying our subtraction skills to multi-step problems and reasoning tasks.  We have enjoyed researching Ancient Greek gods and goddesses and we have written descriptions of the palace of the gods at the top of Mount Olympus. In Science, we have looked at the four chambers of the heart and how they work to transport blood around the body.  We learned the circulatory song to help us remember some of the key vocabulary.  Our NAPA performance is coming along nicely too.  We have continued to work on our times tables and lots of us have made progress with this - we are a competitive bunch!  Let's keep it up.  Practice makes perfect!  Some of the children have been working on speed reading this week and Artur is the current reigning champion.  Please continue to support your child with reading at home so that they can achieve their weekly "regular reader" status.  We have lots of fantastic books that the children can take home to read and we love to hear the children telling us about books they have enjoyed sharing with the people at home.  We also had our school spelling bee competition this week and it was a tough one!  Huge congratulations to Dafe who was our class winner.    



In Year 6 this week, we have enjoyed finding out about the differences between the Ancient Greek city states Athens and Sparta.  We have also found out about the Battle of Marathon and how the Athenians managed to frighten off the Persians!  We made comic strips using the ipads to show this.  In Literacy, we have been taking the wolf's side in the story of the Three Little Pigs ... it turns out he's not so big and bad after all!  In Maths, we have been working on subtraction methods.  We have also found out about the Human Rights Convention and Fairtrade as part of our RE work.  Over the last week, year 6 have also been working hard on their times table knowledge. A huge congratulations to Alesha who is the first child in the class to complete the full set up to 12 x 12. Also well done to Carolina, Louie, Anastazja, Kyle and Ruby who now know their x2. Carolina, Louie, Kyle, Anastazja, Holly, Marshall, Ben and George who have achieved their x5. Lydia, Zak, Phoenix, Carolina and Ruby who now have their x10. Charlie and Charlie have both achieved their x11 this week and to Dafe who has achieved his x7. What a busy week! Keep up the good work year 6.




This week we have started our Ancient Greece topic.  We have used atlases and iPads to locate Greece and to research physical and human features.  We have written non-chronological reports on Greece and we have placed significant events from Ancient Greece on a timeline.  In Science, we have been learning about the circulatory system and the role of the lungs and the heart.  In Maths we have been practising using formal written methods for addition.  It has been a busy week and Year 6 have done brilliantly with their daily homework tasks!




In year 6 this week, we have had a fantastic time learning about the election process as part of our British Values week. In maths, we have learned how to work out differences in temperature. As part of our literacy work we have written descriptive stories. We enjoyed a fire safety trip at the KCOM Stadium we have also elected our school this space to find out who they are!





What a great week, well done to our new year 6s who have worked their socks off and stepped up to the challenge of year 6. Both Mrs O'Loughlin and Mrs Melbourne have enjoyed getting to know the class and are looking forward to seeing what they will achieve in the next year. This week the children have started their Ancient Greece topic and have worked hard on their writing especially their own versions of King Midas and the golden touch. Hope you all have a lovely summer, stay safe and we will see you in September raring to go. 





What an amazing last week we have had together! To say I am proud of how far each of you have come, over the past three years in particularly, would be an understatement and this week has been no different. Your Aladdin performance was fantastic. You could clearly see the pride and effort you all put in as well as showing off your many talents. Overall, the graduation evening was one to remember with many laughs as well as tears! On Thursday, we performed once again in our final NAPA show and then we had a brilliant day bowling and competing in teams at laser quest as our final trip for our attendance award. Good luck to those of you on transition next week, you will smash it! I hope your next adventures in education are successful and as enjoyable as can be. Again thank you for being such an amazing, crazy bunch! 






Year 6 have had a very productive week. We have been busy making props and adding our final touches to our Aladdin production; our dress rehearsal was brilliant and we cannot wait to show everyone on Wednesday night. This week we also had our sex education lesson where we refreshed our knowledge of puberty and relationships. On Friday, we finally managed to do our sports days and it was a lovely sunny morning for it. Everyone tried their best and had lots of fun. Well done.





Year 6 have had a fantastic week practicing their 'Aladdin' end of year production. It is really coming together now and we cannot wait for everyone to see it. On Wednesday, we spent the day at Alton Towers; although it rained pretty much all day that didn't dampen our spirits and we made the most of it. We overcome fears and experienced lots of exciting, fun rides. A well deserved treat for our booster sessions and completing SATs.






Year 6 have been busy starting to stage their end of year production this week. All the children know their parts and now need to learn their lines. We have also worked hard to complete our end of year school reports, ready to send home to parents soon. Unfortunately, Sports Day was rained off but we took this opportunity to have an intra-sports competition in the hall. Well done to Ella, Leah, Kalum, Aaron, Ryan, Lauren, James, Ellis M, Alex, Alyssa, Harvey and Daisy who took part in this. Year 6 have also been part of the rounders and rugby teams this week; it was at these competitions they represented the academy with pride, showing fantastic respect and sportsmanship. Well done to Ella, Samed, Kenny, Aaron, Ryan, Ellis S, Ellis M, Abi, Lauren, Alex, Peter, Harvey and Libby. 





Year 6 have had an exciting, busy week. We finished off our fantastic 'Piano' pieces of writing on Monday and have since started to think about our end of school reports. On Tuesday, we enjoyed a fantastic day at the City Hall for our yearly singing day; thank you to those parents who came to watch in the afternoon. Our NAPA performance is coming along nicely. We are busy preparing for our end of year graduation performance as well as a NAPA performance, we can't wait to share them with you. Thank you again to everyone who came to support our Parent Partnership afternoon. 





Year 6 have completed another fantastic week of writing. We have written biographies which are worthy of being published. There was brilliant effort and perseverance by all to make them the best. In addition, this week we have been practicing our singing day songs ready for next weeks day at the City Hall on Tuesday. The children have also thoroughly enjoyed their first NAPA session for this half term; we managed to learn two new songs and dance this week. 






Year 6 have again worked really hard on their writing this week. The class are becoming more resilient and realising the benefits of editing and redrafting. They have produced some great pieces on why fidget spinner should or should be ban and have begun some really exciting sounding biographies. On Tuesday, we had this terms spelling bee. Well done to Lauren, Brandon, Kenny and Peter for respecting their houses, with a special congratulations to Kenny who won on his first time competing. The sun has been shining most of the week and this was no difference for our family picnic afternoon. Thank you to all the parents who came or donated snacks. What a lovely way to end the half term!




Year 6 have been busy beginning to create their writing portfolios this week. We have written some excellent letters to headteachers to persuade them the benefits of Rock Challenge and why their school should take part. We have also created a guide on how to look after a 'miptor', this piece of writing really enables the children to be really creative and have fun with their ideas. We have worked collaboratively to peer mark and then edit our drafts to ensure we have written the best version we can. We have also enjoyed some computing and designing a Mayan God in art.





What a week! Words cannot express how incredibly proud we are of the year 6s. Their attitudes, determination and perseverance to do their best during the SATs has been amazing. The children approached them like true professionals. Well done. We enjoyed a lovely day after the final test on Thursday with some much needed creative and sporty activities including some celebratory snacks! It was business as usual on Friday as we begin our 2 weeks of writing to get our portfolios completed. Year 6, you are all stars; keep up the excellent work. 




For Year 6 the build up to SATs is finally over, as we sit our tests next week. The children are more than ready and their months of hard work is going to pay off for sure. As a treat for our final boosters, we have enjoyed eating lots of pizzas, which were delicious. Well done to everyone who managed to attended every booster since January. We hope everyone in year 6 has a lovely rested weekend, any last minute revision is always an added bonus and we will see you fresh on Monday at 8am for breakfast.




What a great start after the Easter term! Year 6 have returned this week fresh and raring to go, their attitudes to learning, progressing and supporting each other are fantastic to see. With the countdown to SATs officially on, we are in a great place and the buzz in the classroom is lovely to see and hear. Four more school days to go until SATs. Keep going year 6, you are nearly there.




What a last week of the spring term it has been for year 6. 12 of us started the week off with a weekend at Robinwood which was fantastic. There was many challenges and fears that were overcome as well as plenty of laughs and fun. We enjoyed our Easter visit to the church and enjoyed performing our 'He lives in you' song for the parents at the Easter bonnet and garden parade. Well done to Leah and Samed who created bonnets and to Brandon, Ellis M, Daisy, Chelsea and Abi would created some brilliant gardens. We have ended this busy week with an amazing Rock Challenge performance on Thursday. A huge well done and congratulations to all of our team who we are so proud of. You are all stars! 




This week the children have once again been working their socks off as they have worked their way through some more practice SAT papers. Mr Phillips and Mrs Welbourne are so proud of how the children are progressing and the confidence that they are gaining each week. 12 year 6s have today set off to Robinwood for their residential weekend, we are hoping for good weather and lots of fun. I am sure you will hear all about it next week.




Year 6 have had another great week. We have been working hard to continue to progress in reading, maths and grammar. In reading, we have enjoyed discussing and answering questions based on Shakespeare texts to support our Shakespeare week in school. In maths, the children have been looking at 3D shapes with a focus on nets. On Wednesday, Year 6 has the opportunity to go to the Airco Arena to watch the world squash tournament. We got the chance to learn how to play squash, interview some of the players as well as watching the world number 1 ladies champion in action. 





The countdown is definitely on for SATs now and year 6 are working fantastically well. This week we have continued to challenge each other and work collaboratively to help each other improve. On Thursday we took part in our whole school Maths Bee, well done to Libby, James, Ella and Kenny who represented their houses for year 6. On Friday, we were amazed by a visiting scientist, Phil, who shared some interesting experiments with us.




It's been another exciting week for year 6. Continuing to progress towards our SATs but with the added excitement of a visit to Vue cinema to see Queen of Katwe which was very thought provoking and great to see. While we were in the centre, we visited 'The Blade' for a quick picture. This week we have also enjoyed a day learning and debating about animal captivity and conservation, which links to our Rock Challenge theme this year. Year 6 were able to maturely discuss the pros and cons of whether animals should perform. 





What a brilliant week it's been! We've had our French day where the children learned to speak many new French words and phrases; we had our first visit from Hull KR to teach us some rugby skills and, of course, it was World Book Day; once again, there were plenty of amazing costumes and I could see just how much effort had gone into them. In literacy, we have started to look at stories set in imaginary worlds which has really engaged the class. In maths, we have been looking at converting  time between analogue, 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.





Year 6 have earned their half term as they have worked their socks off over the past 7 weeks and this week has been no different. The class have worked in pairs and small groups to challenge and coach each other in areas of the curriculum that they need to work on which has been great to see. In addition, this week we took part in Craven's PE Day; the children thoroughly enjoyed this. The afternoon was full of excitement with a dodgeball tournament which ended with the class taking on Miss Cooper and Mrs Welbourne, needless to say the adults lost! Well done to Aaron, Ellis, Kalum, Lauren, Libby and Leah for taking part in the school competition of most speed bounces, basketball bounces and skips. Hope you all have a good half term and in between resting, remember to keep working on those areas you find difficult.






Year 6 have continued to work hard this week on  developing their skills. They have been working on co-ordinates and how to find the circumference and area of circles in maths. We have also continued to push our arithmetic scores with many now achieving scores in the high 30s and full marks. We have enjoyed improving our reading skills and techniques this week by working in pairs to complete a quiz style activity. The overall winners were James and Kalum. Well done boys. Also well done to Harvey, Ellis, Ella, Lauren and Libby this week for representing our class and Craven at the school games swimming tournament. They were fantastic. 





It has been mock SATs week for year 6 this week and they have risen to the challenge like true superstars. The class have worked their socks off and their hard work is really paying off. Well done Year 6. On Friday, they got a well deserved rest as they were invited to be guests at the rebranding event at Hull KR. The children thoroughly enjoyed this. 


Year 6 have started their 'Third Space Learning' maths online tuition this week. They have met their tutor and will continue this every Monday until SATs. In addition this week, 9 year 6s have been involved in the Hull IV reading week,. They have worked particularly hard and developed new strategies to help them with their reading and answering of questions. In Maths, the children have continued with their shape work by moving onto finding the area and perimeter of different shapes and combinations of shapes. Some children have also been learning about parts of a circle and how to measure them.



Year 6 have shown great commitment to improving their learning this week by successfully starting their booster sessions after school. The class have had a busy week continuing with our balanced argument unit in literacy and expanding our knowledge of shapes including finding missing angles. On Thursday, year 6 visited Hull Royal Infirmary as part of the Injury Minimization Programme for Schools (IMPS), they learnt how to put people in the recovery position and how to perform CPR as well as recognising possible dangers, what to do to prevent them and how to react when an accident does occur. In addition to this, they went over to the children's A and E department and learnt about X-Rays and different types of stitches. Well done to Lauren, Peter and Kalum who represented Craven this week in the goalball schools competition.


Year 6 have had a super busy week. They have increased their knowledge and understanding of recognising and clarifying quadrilaterals as well as having a go at drawing some. In literacy we have concentrated on some of the grammar elements this week, including inverted commas, passive and active voice and synonyms and antonyms - see if your child can explain and give you an example of these. A big well done to our Hull IV children this week who have been improving their maths knowledge and skills all day every day this week. In our afternoons this week, we have been practising our speed reading using our new class read, 'Charlotte's Web'. Thank you again to all the year 6 parents who came to the SATS meeting this week and just a little reminder that boosters will start on Monday. 


Year 6 have started back with a great attitude. We have started our new balanced arguments unit in literacy linked to should zoos be banned or should children under 12 have mobile phones. The children have got really into these arguments.   We have continued to develop our arithmetic and many of us started the new year with our best score yet. With the City of Culture buzz this week, year 6 have discussed what makes Hull great.  



What a great end to a very busy autumn term! Year 6 have enjoyed becoming festive this week, beginning the week with a visit to Sunningdales to sing carols to the residents. The children were a big hit with the elderly people; they thoroughly enjoyed the children's singing. On Wednesday, we had a craft day where we created our Christmas cards and calendars this year along with decorations and paper boats ready for the City of Culture opening. Year 6 enjoyed their last Craven Christmas party with the rest of KS2 on Thursday after a lovely celebration awards assembly in the morning. Congratulations to all the prize winners for regular readers, attendance and leading learners and the nominated children for the trophy awards, in particularly Chelsea who won the achievement award. We ended the week with our annual Carols around the Christmas tree and panto afternoon thanks to Magic Carpet. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you in 2017.


What an exciting, busy, festive week! Well done to the year 6s who represented the academy at the 'Festival of Carols' concert at City Hall on Monday night, it was a lovely evening. We have put our enterprising skills to the test by working together to make hot chocolate reindeer cones for the Christmas fair. Thank you to the year 6s who stayed behind and helped run stalls on the night. On Thursday we enjoyed a lovely Christingle service at school with the reverend and then on Friday it was finally our big NAPA performance. The children were amazing and should be really proud of themselves. To end the week, year 6 went carol singing at Asda to raise money for Rock Challenge. Roll on more festive fun next week as we step closer to Christmas. 


This week, year 6 have written a newspaper report linked to the true story of the Three Little Pigs and in maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of fractions. We thoroughly enjoyed the Parent Partnership afternoon on Thursday. Thank you to all the parents who got involved. We also had our last NAPA practice; we are now ready to perform on Friday 9th December at 10:30am. On Friday, we all extended our French language understanding. We learnt the French alphabet as well as musical instruments and animals. We ended the day with Little Red Riding Hood in French. Good luck to the 12 year 6s who are singing at the City Hall on Monday for the Festival of Carols service. Note: Year 6 will be singing Christmas carols in Asda on Friday Afternoon if you would like to come and say hello. 



Year 6 have started their Victorians topic this week by investigating Queen Victoria using the iPads and library books. They have used pictures and portraits to infer historical information, showing some great questioning and predicting skills. On Thursday, half of the year 6 went to the KC  stadium for a science and maths day. They all had a fantastic day filled with exciting and experimental activities which they shared with the rest of the class when they returned to school. 



What another fantastic week. 19 of our Year 6s achieved 100% scores in their spelling tests this week, well done! Keep up the good work and practicing. On Tuesday, we had a wonderful brass band concert which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The children have continued to develop their computing skills this week, using coding to develop games and then creating a user-friendly guide on the iPads. Their NAPA performance is coming along nicely, our performance will be on Friday 9th December. Make sure you put the date in your diary! The children have finished off the week with a lovely Reader Leader session and then an exciting     Friday for Children in Need and becoming local celebrities with a visit from Hull Daily Mail. 



This week year 6 have developed their computing skills in the afternoon. They have been using Purple Mash to design and create a game that has specific instructions using coding. We have also deepened our learning and understanding of Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies on and around 11th            November. The children have written some impressive biographies this week in Literacy and continued to work on their tables knowledge in maths by working on written methods for division and multiples and factors. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed our surprise performance of the Wizard of Oz on Wednesday afternoon and their cinema visit on Friday morning as part of the Into Film festival.



Having recharged our batteries over half term, year 6 have hit the ground running again this week by starting the week with a great assembly and workshop from NSPCC. During which, we learnt to speak out, stay safe with Buddy, the speech mark. Our year 6 girls played their socks off at the 7 a side football on Tuesday night, narrowly missing out on a win. During our NAPA this week, we have continued to practise our songs as well as developing the routine for our next number. The children have also enjoyed two focus days on RE and PHSE this week in which they have discussed Rites of Passage in different beliefs and New Beginnings. 




What a brilliant end to the first half term. Year 6 have had a fabulous week. We have started our new NAPA dances ready to perform to parents before Christmas. In our topic this week, we have been focusing on propaganda and rationing. As part of this, we have evaluated propaganda posters and then used this information to design and make their own. We have also followed wartime recipes to make our own wartime treats. Hope everyone has a good half term. Don't forget to keep practising your times tables and year 5/6 spellings. See you back on Tuesday 1st November.






In year 6 this week, we have continue to find out about Anne Frank. The children have produced some fantastic non-chronological reports on her and some Picasso inspired portraits. We have started a new unit in literacy; writing biographies which we have linked to a fairground inventor. On Thursday we enjoyed a fabulous day at Archiefest. The children doing rugby had  the chance to be coached by some of the Hull KR players and the others performed a super dance based around the trawler industry in Hull. 



This week we have continued with our Dreamgiver narrative descriptions. The children are now using more complex sentence structures and have more awareness of the reader. We have continued our work on the Second World War by creating some Blitz scene pictures using different tones and shades of colours. Our NAPA performance is going from strength to strength and the children are excited to perform it. Well done to our Spelling Bee representatives: Alex, Lauren, Brandon and Ellis M. After a close competition, Lauren ended up taking the overall win.






This week year 6 have been perfecting their subtraction and multiplication skills in maths. They have written some pleasing pieces of writing based on World War 2 including a diary of a soldier and a description of the Blitz. They have also investigated different cities to find out why some were targeted more than others. In NAPA, this week the children have started their new song, Imagine. Their performance is looking fantastic and they can't wait to show everyone. 









Year 6 have had a fabulous week. We have a great day out at Eden Camp on Tuesday which has made us very excited for our Keep Calm and Carry on topic. Back in school we have created a persuasive poster to get other children interested in in Eden Camp and we have also discussed and learnt about why the Battle of Britain is considered a significant event in history. In maths, we have been firming up our addition written methods and in writing we have been writing descriptively using The Dreamgiver as a stimulus.



Year 6 have had another brilliant week. They have experienced some SATs style papers this week which they have approached in a mature way. Well done. We have started our 'Keep Calm and Carry On' topic this week. The children have been fantastic geographers and historians. They have managed to locate different countries in an atlas, have learnt about which countries were allies and which were axis and they have recreated a newspaper article from the day Neville Chamberlain declared we were at war with Germany. We are very much looking forward to our visit to Eden Camp on Tuesday to see what else we can learn about World War 2.


Year 6 have made a fantastic start to their final year at Craven. They look the part and have displayed fantastic attitudes to learning this week, already taking on the responsibility of being role models. Well done. We have been brushing up on our place value knowledge this week, by ordering numbers including decimals. We can now use a great range of conjunctions in a writing and understand FANBOYS. The children have written some impressive anti-bullying stories this week and have created their own political / school party which included policies they would like to introduce as part of our British Values work. Keep up the good work Year 6.


It’s the final day of Year 6 and what a year it has been! Well done on the magnificent Oliver Twist performance and Graduation. On a personal note, I would like to thank all the staff, children and parents that I’ve met over the last seven years. I’m proud to have worked here and will miss you all,

Mr Whitehead.


5 working days until the end! 3 working days until Graduation. Time is dwindling now and we are battling it to make sure we are prepared for our production. A last push is needed now. Keep going!