Staff Responsibilities



Within Craven, staff members take on wider roles within the academy to improves the outcomes and opportunites across the curriculum for children under our care. Below is a list of curriculum responsibilities.

   Staff Member   


Mr Phillips

Head of Academy, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Assessment, Maths Team Lead, Behaviour, EAL

Mrs Welbourne

Vice Principal, SENCo Team Lead, Curriculum Lead

Mrs Gordon

Assistant Principal, Reading, Science

Mr Rhodes

SLT Member, Behaviour, Writing, ICT

Mrs Demoulpied

SLT Member, HLTA, Midday Supervisor Co-ordinator, Behaviour

Miss Lobley

EYFS Lead, Art, DT, Music

Mrs Heslop

PSHE, RE, British Values

Miss Devaney

SENco Team member, Geography, History

Mrs O'Loughlin

Maths team

Miss Cooper


Miss Eyre


Miss Hirst 



Mrs Hamby

 School Business Manager, Safeguarding Team member

Mrs Winstanley

Education Welfare Officer, Admin Team Lead, Attendance Officer