Staff List

Principal – Mrs Trudi Bartle

Acting Head of Academy - Mr James Phillips



craedit5.jpgFoundation Stage 1 – Miss Kirby

Foundation Stage 2 – Mrs Heslop

Year 1 – Miss Norris

Year 2 – Miss Gordon

Year 3 – Miss Lobley / Miss Eyre

Year 4 – Mr Rhodes

Year 5 – Miss Dede

Year 6 – Mrs Welbourne (Mr Phillips am only)


Mr Metcalfe - Additional intervention teacher

Miss Carlin - Additional intervention teacher


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Durham

Mrs Demoulpied HLTA

Mrs Heslop

Mrs Carmichael

Mrs Ounsworth

Miss Kirby

Mrs Norton

Miss Cooper

Miss Thompson

Miss Taylor


Mrs Hamby – Senior Admin Officer

Mrs Winstanley -Education Support Officer

Mrs Jackson – Admin Officer

Miss Nicholls - Admin Officer

Miss Hewitt - Apprentice Admin Officer


Mr Russell

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Milne – Supervisor

Mrs Cutsforth – Supervisor

Mrs Parker – Supervisor

Mrs Smith – Supervisor

Mrs Tyson  – Supervisor

Miss Stein - Supervisor

Mrs Abblett - Supervisor


Mrs Bartle - Senior Leadership Team - Assessment, Child Protection, Curriculum, Looked after children, Continuing Professional Development

Mr Phillips - Senior Leadership Team - Assessment, KS2 Leader, Maths, Gifted & Talented, MFL support

Mrs Welbourne - Leader of learning  - Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Interventions, School Council, IT support

Mrs Gordon -Leader of learning  - KS1 Leader, Science, Reading, Writing and Phonics

Mrs Demoulpied - TAs, lunchtimes

Mrs Heslop  - Personal Social Health Education, RE

Miss Lobley - Art, DT, Music

Miss Norris - Geography, History, Early Years Foundation Stage Leader

Mr Rhodes - IT, PE support, GPS

Miss Cooper - PE

Miss Dede - MFL