Pupil Job Roles and Responsibilities

As part of our aim to  promote a positive work ethic in our children we have given them the opportunity to apply for job roles within the school, we feel this will breed the 'can do' attitude towards all their future endeavours.

Currently we have the following employees

Head Boy - Charlie Lummiss

"When Mr Phillips called out my name for Head Boy, I was shocked. I never thought that i would achieve this role. I couldn't believe it.

It is a real privilege to have been given this opportunity. I will do my best to give a helping hand and make sure that everyone is happy and settled.

A challenge for me this year will be to show visitors around the school as I am not always very confident talking to people that i have never met before.

I look forward to the year ahead."

Head Girl - Sky Olsson

"When my name got called out, I was extremely happy. I couldn't believe that all of the staff had chosen me to be responsible for this huge role.

As Head Girl, I will make sure that everyone gets settled in and will always enjoy their time at this school. As a result of this, it will help me become more confident.

I will show visitors around the school and tell them how outstanding everything is. We work super hard and that's why this school is the best. I will do everything to make sure it stays that way."

Deputy Head Boy -  Shaye Ooijen 

"As soon as my name was called out for Deputy Head Boy, my legs instantly started shaking. I was so happy.

Since Ofsted rated us as Outstanding, I am honoured as Deputy Head Boy, to be part of a team that is committed to making our academy even better.

It will be wonderful to take visitors around the school to show them why we are so good. Also, I will be a good role model to everyone in the school by showing good behaviour, being smart and polite."

Deputy Head Girl -  Anastazja Zielinska

"When Mr Phillips announced my name to be Deputy Head Girl, I was shocked but ecstatic. I had butterflies in my stomach! I never thought that I would ever get this opportunity.

I am really looking forward to showing visitors around our outstanding academy because I am really proud of our achievements.

I promise to be a brilliant role model to everyone at Craven by showing the best behaviour and making sure that I have the correct uniform."

School council 

Year 1

Carmen Dawson

Alex Hill

Year 2

Ruby Horton

Mason Bennett

Year 3

Adam Winduss

Tykia Booth

Year 4

Charlie Foster

Macey Littlewood

Year 5

Bradley Swift

Olivia Moss

Year 6

Cali Thresh

Honey Whitworth


Tuck shop Crave'n' Fruit employees

Zak Barker, Billy Rout, Sky Olsson, Honey Whitworth

Chief Accountant - Charlie Lummiss

Office Assistant -  Holly Owst, Sky Olsson

Swap Shop - Ruby Spencer, Phoenix Barwick, Anastazja Zielinska, Alesha Lyon

Librarians - Shaye Ooijen, Lydia Benge, Kyle Acey

Dinner Hall Assistants - Louie Thompson, Charlie Goodman, Ben Barnett, Ella Beaumont, Lydia Benge, Honey Whitworth

Foundation support - Shaye Ooijen, Marat Mazurs, Marshall Kenny, Emily Whiting

Peacemakers - Nikodem Dziadowiec, Charlie Goodman, Ben Barnett, Chalie Lummiss, Kyle Acey, Marshall Kenny, Ella Beaumont, Anastazja Zielinska, Phoenix Barwick, Holly Owst

Sports Council - Louie Thompson, Ella Beaumont, Nikodem Dziadowiec

Door Monitors - Marat Mazurs, Louie Thompson, Artur Harasim, Charlie Lummiss, Kyle Acey, Ella Beaumont, Anastazja Zielinska, Holly Owst, Honey WHitworth, Phoenix Barwick

Eco Warriors...

Y1 & Y2 - Sky Olsson

Y3 & Y4 - Anastazja Zielinska

Y5 & Y6 - Zak Barker