Breakfast club

Open time - 8am every school morning.

Open for Children in Years 1-6

Cost - Free


A range of children’s breakfast cereals, toast and spreads and milk and juice to drink.


Arts, craft and colouring activities.

Other activities include play in the hall and outside (weather permitting), construction, board games, wii and just dance (which we are all now experts at!)

Children are given the opportunity to suggest breakfast club activities and we endeavour to provide them. However to keep costs down, any contributions of small scale (indoor) play equipment, crafts, suitable games for the wii and board games will be most welcome.

What we are doing now?

In breakfast club we have been dancing on the Wii, playing old school board games like Connect 4, Snakes and Ladders and Guess Who!  We are getting really good at these.  We also have many opportunities to read our books and complete our homework.  Remember if you read at the breakfast club this can count towards your weekly regular reader award! We are also doing lots of interesting writing and we get to use the Ipads!

How to join breakfast club

Make sure you take a form from the office, sign it and return it back to the school so your child can be placed in the register. 


Thank you

Breakfast Club Staff.